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Cute Banner :)


So while I was getting things together for taking pictures of my projects, my roommate and best friend Sunny suggested we craft ourselves a banner – a cute banner to put in the background of the pictures!

So here we are: a step by step tutorial of our cute banner!

First: materials


You’ll need:

  1. Cute papers to cut into triangles, however many you want
  2. Cute scissors to cut the papers into the triangles
  3. Twine or thread or ribbon – I used twine
  4. Tiny clothes pins to hang the triangles

Now! Step 1: Cut the papers into triangles. Whatever sizes you want! I chose to do mine small, and I had 5 papers and 20 clothes pins, so 4 triangles from each different paper.


Step 2: Cut your twine or thread or whatever you decided to use to the length that you want it. Then, add on your triangles by clipping them onto the twine with the clothes pins. You can put them as close as you want – your project, your way!


And that’s how you make it! Mostly. You see, we ran into a problem…


The clothes pins were too heavy, so the pretty colors weren’t showing! So, we have two ways of solving this:

  1. Tape a coin to the back if your triangles are big enough. This will weigh it down and keep it flat. I did this to only one of my triangles because mine were too small.
  2. Put tape to the back of a few of the triangles and tape them to the wall or whatever you are hanging this against. This is what I did.


You can see the tape from the side, but I’m not worried about that. My focus is the front of the look, not the side. If you want to try to avoid this problem, I would say get glue or tape to put the triangles on the twine, or pull the twine tight so they don’t have a chance to turn upside down. We wanted the clothes pin look though, so we kept it as is.


And there you go! Final look! If I did this again (which I probably will because you can NEVER have enough decorations) I would make my triangles a bit bigger probably, and select bolder colors. But I had fun doing it, and that’s the point!

Here’s some examples of the finished product.





That’s it! Let me know if you try this out and how it turns out!


Books in the images:

  1. Soulless by Gail Carriger
  2. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
  3. Specials by Scott Westerfeld

Tree from Goodwill

Backgrounds from Hobby Lobby


Thanks for checking this out! And as always, Stay happy, stay strong, be free!

^-^ Annastasia





Hello! I'm just an artist trying to put herself out there! I do lots of crafts, such as needle felting, cross stitch, and painting every now and then, as well as digital art and photography. If you want to check out my Etsy shop, the name is AnnastasiaLuvsArts, just like this blog name! I sell my crafts there. You can also check out my Deviantart pages, Annastasia01 for my digital drawings, and Annastasialuvsphotos for my photography! I love discussion, so comment away!

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