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Origami Bow

Hello there!

I was searching online for something to do with the cute papers that I have collected and I came across a YouTube channel called PaperMade – Origami & Crafts, and I saw their video on an Origami Bow and I thought it was ADORABLE, so I decided to pass on the info to you guys so you get a chance to make this adorable bow! I take no credit for this tutorial, I’m only trying to pass on the information. I did not come up with this idea. Please check out their video if you want! It may also be easier for you to see the person actually doing it instead of just pictures, but hey, try it out!

Also, I haven’t gotten a proper place to craft yet, so for this tutorial and my next few ones are going to be done on this Guess Who? box on my roommates bed… SORRY. I know it’s not professional and I apologize, I will get my desk soon. Please forgive me! 😦

So here we go, here’s how to make PaperMade‘s awesome Origami Bow!

NOTE: When I first started making this bow, I made it backwards. So when I start out with the colored side of the paper showing, I actually needed the white side showing. If you have double sided colored paper then you won’t end up with a white bow like I did, but it still looks adorable so I kept it! 🙂 Just please use the opposite color side from what I’m using if you don’t want a white bow.

Step 1: If you have a rectangular piece of paper, you need to cut it into a square. You can do this by actually doing your first fold, which is a diagonal fold, corner to corner. When you crease it, it will create a square! You can then cut off the excess paper and you’ll have a square!


You can see in the picture above that I went ahead and made that crease, but here is my rectangular piece of paper.


Here’s how the fold should look. You should have a  triangular piece. Then cut off the excess like so.


You can use that excess piece for another craft, so make sure to keep it! 🙂

Step 2: Unfold the paper and do another diagonal fold, so you have 4 mini triangles.


Step 3: Have the paper open. Do a horizontal fold this time, straight edge to straight edge. Do this to both sides.


The next image is what it should look like unfolded.


Step 4: In the picture above I am pointing to a specific fold. What you will do is fold this crease and the crease across from it in, so that you get a diamond shape in the front and back, as seen in the next few pictures.




Step 5: Take the top part of the diamond, the part that is NOT open, and fold it down.


Step 6: Open up the paper and it should look like so.


Then, take your fingers and make a firm crease along the box that was just made. Make sure to do all 4 sides!


Once that is done you should be able to fold the paper like so, with the box laying flat on top and the two corners that we previously folded in folded back in again. You should almost have your diamond back, just without the top part!


Step 7: Begin pushing slightly in the center of the square you have created, while also pushing in on the sides where it is already folded in at. You should make an hourglass shape with the box.


Continue flattening this piece until it looks like so.



Step 8: Lay the paper down as it is and begin folding each side by taking the top corner and folding it so that it lines up with the center crease, creasing the fold you just made.  You should have to do this 4 times.


It should look like the next image on both sides.


Step 9: Open up the paper. It should look like this (I forgot to take this picture from my first bow so here’s my second bow. I did this one correctly so the colors show :3 )


Then, look at the sides of the paper. You should see where it is folded over on all four sides. You’re going to cut at that fold on all 4 sides, as seen below.



This was honestly the hardest part for me, cutting along that line. I missed both times. :/ But that’s okay! It doesn’t have to be perfect. After cutting all four sides, it should look like this.


Step 10: Fold over one of the top diamond pieces. It should look like so.


Then turn it so that it is pointing up, and begin folding the bottom flap so that it lines up with the crease in the center of that side. Do this to both sides on the bottom.


Once you do that to the bottom, flip the middle pieces down and do the same to the top.


Once you do that it should look like this.


Here’s what it should look like from the front.


Step 11: Cut down the center of the center flaps. This will create the bows tails.


Step 12: Take the outer side of the bows tail and fold it so that it has a straight edge going down the center as shown. You’ll only be able to fold it so far anyway or else the paper will rip. 🙂


Then fold the other side of the tail over on top of the first fold. Once again, you’ll only be able to fold it so far before it starts to rip.


Repeat for the other tail.


Here’s how it looks from the front!


At this point, you can cut the tail to look however you want it to. I personally liked how it looked here so I kept it, but you’ll see on my other bow that I cut the tail. Up to you!

Step 13: Flip it back to the front and take the top right bow part and tuck it under the square in the center. Do this for both sides.



And voila! You have made yourself a bow!


Here’s some shots of the two bows I made.



There’s many things that you can do with these bows! You can use them as decorations for boxes or photo frames, hang them from strings and make a string of bows, tape them or tack them to the walls or to cork board, many things! It’s up to your imagination! I personally stuck them to our poster board for more pics.


There you go! Cute bows to decorate with and to be creative with! I hope you enjoyed this step by step tutorial and I hope to hear that you’ve tried it out and what you’re going to use them for! Check out the video as well!

That’s it for me! Hope you guys have fun!

As always, Stay Happy, Stay Strong, Be Free!

^-^ Annastasia

Things used in this tutorial:

  1. Poster board from Hobby Lobby
  2. Tape from Office Depot
  3. Paper from Hobby Lobby
  4. Scissors from I cant remember they’re old…
  5. Tutorial from YouTube
  6. Guess Who? 1998 version from Goodwill




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