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Happiness Jar


Every now and again we go through periods of time where we can get sad, depressed, and we just can’t remember the good things that have happened in our lives. Well, it’s the beginning of 2017, and I have a way for you to catalog your happy memories and moments – a happiness jar!

Now, you could do this a very simple way if you want: take scraps of paper and write down the happy memories or moments, then place the scraps in a jar. But I wanted to go more intricate with it. I decided to learn how to make “lucky stars”. I tried to link the video but it wouldn’t work, so the title is “how to make lucky stars origami – paper crafts” on Yuliya Part VLOG’s channel. They’re basically puffy stars!

So here’s where the tutorial comes in – making the stars!

First off, collect your cute paper.


Take a ruler or something that has a straight edge and make a line down the paper, creating a long thin strip. You don’t want it to be too wide!


Try to do a better line than what I did… >.>

Then, cut the strip out as evenly as possible.


And there’s your strip!


Take your strip and face it towards you, color side facing you. Wrap the top of the strip over itself, creating a ribbon shape. Make sure to have a good amount hanging over the side.


Then tuck the piece that’s hanging over into the loop that you just created.


Begin pulling down on the rest of the strip, tightening the knot you’ve created. It should look like this.


I made quite a few of these stars, and I’m honestly not sure if it’s better to crease the folds or not. It seemed like it didn’t make much of a difference to me, so do as you please! If it does affect it, let me know please!

Now, fold that edge that’s hanging off onto the knot you’ve created. Once you have that one creased, which I know you’re supposed to do :), tuck it into the knot.


Like so.

After that, you just start folding! It should naturally fold along the edges, creating a pentagon shape. So fold…


And fold…


And fold some more…


A few more times…


Just a bit more…


Almost there!


Perfect! Now, take that extra little bit and tuck it into the last fold, so it looks like so.


And there we go! There’s the base for your star.


Now, what you’re going to do next is actually puff out the star. To do this, you’ll take your finger or fingernail and press into the sides, like so.


Do that to all 5 sides. It should puff up the center and create the corners for the stars.

And there we go! There’s a star!


Now, I did come across a problem. Everything was fine until I had to push on the sides of the star. Sometimes it would puff up, sometimes it would fold in on itself. I don’t really know what I was doing wrong, so I can’t give you any advice on that, but I can at least tell you about the problem. Here’s an example of the problem.


It’s the same type of paper, yet it did the exact opposite thing. I have no idea why!

Here’s another that was made.


Now here’s a choice for you: you can either just put stars in the jar to remind you of the good things, or you can write down the good thing on the back of the strip! Then, at the end of the year, you can look back at exactly what happened!


Here’s a shot of what I started out with!


And here’s what I mostly ended up with.


And there you go! Here’s my jar with what I decided to start out with. I’d say I’ve had about that much happiness this year, if not more. I would say to cut a bunch of strips out and keep them in a drawer or something, so that you can just grab one and go with it!





So there’s a happiness jar for you! I hope this helps make your year a bit easier by seeing all of the happiness sitting there on your shelf. I bet it will overflow!

Here’s the link for the video as well. Check it out! It might help!


As always, Stay Happy, Stay Strong, Be Free!

^-^ Annastasia


Things used in the images:

Scissors from I can remember they’re old

Paper from Hobby Lobby

Paper book from Hobby Lobby

Pencil from my roommate Sunny 🙂

Jar from a coworker of my boyfriend

Guess Who game from Goodwill

Background from Hobby Lobby

Heart banner made by me (a future tutorial!)

The Giver by Lois Lowry

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Drawing book from I don’t remember it’s also old






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