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Heart String Banner

Hello there! How are you doing today? 😀

Today I will be talking about an ADORABLE long heart banner! It’s getting closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, so why not do something for it? Exactly. So let’s go!

First, gather your materials. You’ll need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Cute craft paper
  3. Twine or string or thread or whatever you want to use – I used twine actually
  4. Tape or glue
  5. Pencil or pen
  6. Patience 🙂

Gather your papers together first. Decide the color scheme for your banner!


Then, flip your papers over to the back side and start tracing or drawing hearts on them, whatever sizes you want! I chose to hand draw mine, because I didn’t care if it was perfect or not, but if you’re a perfectionist or just want your hearts to be the same size and shape, that’s okay! You do you!


Afterwards, cut out your hearts! Just do the best you can!


Once you have all of your hearts cut out, lay them out in the pattern that you want them to hang in.


Then you will cut out your twine or ribbon or whatever you’re using. I laid the twine down along the hearts to get the length I needed. I had 6 rows of hearts so I cut out 6 pieces of twine. Don’t forget to cut a piece for the length across the top as well! I would leave a bit extra on each side.


Then lay the first piece of twine down and start taping or gluing your hearts onto the twine. Do this for each column.


Lay the columns out as evenly as possible and then put the piece for the length at the top wherever you want it to be.


Start tying the columns onto the length piece. If you put it in the wrong spot, that’s okay! You should be able to move them after they are knotted.


And there we go!



I hope you had fun making this adorable heart banner! The good thing about it is that you can adjust it however you want! You can make it very long and use it as a headboard like thing, you can make a bunch of columns and use it like a curtain or something and hang it in front of your door, you can do a lot!

So that’s it! As always, Stay Happy, Stay Strong, and Be Free!

^-^ Annastasia

Things used in this project:

  1. Scissors from I don’t remember
  2. Paper from Hobby Lobby
  3. Twine from Hobby Lobby
  4. Pencil from my Roommate Sunny
  5. Tape from my Roommate Sunny




Hello! I'm just an artist trying to put herself out there! I do lots of crafts, such as needle felting, cross stitch, and painting every now and then, as well as digital art and photography. If you want to check out my Etsy shop, the name is AnnastasiaLuvsArts, just like this blog name! I sell my crafts there. You can also check out my Deviantart pages, Annastasia01 for my digital drawings, and Annastasialuvsphotos for my photography! I love discussion, so comment away!

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