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My First Cosplay! First Update

Hello there! How’s it going? 🙂

I’ll just get to the point – I finally decided to make my first cosplay! YAY! I am SO excited about this!

So this will be my first update on my progress so far. If you want, I’ve also recorded a YouTube video about it, so if you’d rather just listen to me talk about it instead of read, here’s the video!


Anyway, if you’re still reading this, I decided I was going to cosplay as Asuna from Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online is an anime about a video game that traps its players in the game, and the only way out is to beat the final boss on the 100th floor. Asuna is one of the main characters, or at least she is to me, and she’s a BAMF. I adore her and I love her outfit! So, I decided I was going to make it, and I knew exactly where I was going to start: her skirt. 

Before I get any further, here’s a picture of Asuna!

Image result for asuna

The picture is just pulled from Google Images, I do not own it.

So! First I started with the skirt. It’s pretty much a simple pleated skirt with a white stripe close to the bottom. There is a bit of space between the pleats as well. It stops at above the middle of her thigh, so it’s kind of short, but that’s okay!

This skirt was NOT simple though…

So what I did first was measure my sides where I wanted it to sit. I measured at 30 something inches around, I don’t remember the actual number at this point. Then I doubled that number and gave about 8 inches extra, because I planned for the pleats to be 2 1/2 inches wide, and I needed space between the pleats.

What I ACTUALLY ended up doing was 3 inches wide though… I don’t know why! I just spaced out I guess and didn’t realize until it was all pinned up and ready to go. So I left it. But I first sewed a hem for the bottom of the skirt, just by folding it over once.

Then, after I pinned the top down, I pinned the bottom of the skirt so that I could iron the pleats down. This made it solid and ready to go for sewing. After I ironed it, I sewed the top portion so that the pleats would stay in place.

After that, I realized that the skirt was not going to sit where I originally wanted it to (at my hips). So to make it fit I ended up pulling it up to my waist, which was fine because I made the skirt pretty long, just in case. This gave me room to work with a zipper and everything.

So then I folded the top over until I got it to where I ALMOST wanted it to sit at my legs. I then pinned this and sewed it down. Afterwards, I folded over the bottom again, so it sat exactly where I wanted it to, and sewed that. Now I had a pretty good looking bottom hem and a nice thick top piece.

Everything seemed perfect at this point – I was in a groove and was going at it full force! I then needed to cut the skirt down width-wise so that it fit my waist around. I pinned where the cut would be and then cut along that line, giving about an inch or 2 of extra room just in case, to start out with.

After I cut it I tested the width and decided that I did need to cut more. So, I did! I cut it down, leaving a top extra piece so I could put a hook in for extra security, and then sewed where the zipper wasn’t going to be. Then, I placed the zipper, pinned it, and then sewed that down. I’d like to say that I did an AWFUL job at sewing the zipper down… I did my best though!

So now I have what I think is an almost completed skirt, minus the white stripe. I try on the skirt and SOMEHOW it was too big still! I’m sitting there thinking “What is HAPPENING!?” and I decided to use that extra top piece to hook the skirt to actually fit. So now that skirt has an overlap in the back. Oh well I guess…

So now the skirt fits. YAY! Now I just have to get the white stripe on.

Man I should have put it on first. 

It was SO hard to get that stripe down on the skirt without it being folded and loose against the fabric. I had to get help to do this. But I got the stripe pinned down and started sewing it in place. It took a bit of time but it worked out in the end. I then had to re-pin the bottom down so I could iron it again, and after I ironed it, it looked great! I was so happy! I now had a finished Asuna skirt! 

This was a fun and difficult experience, and I can’t wait to finish the cosplay! I did work on her sleeves and legs as well, but I think this post is long enough. I’ll make another one of these when I finish the sleeves and one for the leg pieces as well. Hopefully that will be soon!

Also, here’s a picture of my finished skirt!


So that’s it for today! If you do want to see what I’ve done with the sleeves and leg pieces, you can check out my video, towards the end. I hope you enjoyed this explanation of my experience, plus you made it to the end, so congrats!

As always, Stay Happy, Stay Strong, Be Free!

~^-^~ Annastasia